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Plan your way to a 4 day week

  • Be more productive.

    Learn how to plan your day to achieve maximum productivity in a shorter working week.

  • Save paper.

    A dedicated 4 day week planner means you get the use out of every page and don't waste paper.

  • Track your progress.

    Keep a record of your success and track your progress with our handy productive barometer.


The 4 day week planner

  • Disrupting the working week.

    The 4 day week planner is brought to you by Claire Daniels, CEO of digital marketing agency Trio Media, who joined the UK's first pilot scheme of the 4 day work week. Since then, Claire has been recognised globally in the media for the success of the 4 day week at her business, and so now Claire wants to empower others to change the world of work with a 4 day week.

  • Efficiency is key.

    The key to achieving success with a 4 day work week is to gain maximum output and efficiency. This planner has been specially designed to shape your working week and guide you through your day to ensure that you can achieve your goals and remain highly productive. You'll find a guide to implementing a 4 day week, along with our tried and tested methods to succeed.