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4 Day Week Planner

The 4 Day Work Week Planner

The 4 Day Work Week Planner

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The only planner you need for a 4 day work week or reduced working hours. 

Have you joined the work smarter, not harder revolution, and only work 4 days a week? Are you sick of wasting a page in your diary every week? 

The 4 day week planner helps you plan your time to be as efficient as possible, maintaining super productivity whilst working 4 days a week. The date and day fields are left for you to fill in, so that it works around your schedule. 

Included in the planner:

- Introduction to the 4 day work week

- How to use the 4 day week planner

- Daily work day double spread, with key priorities, quick tasks, an hour by hour schedule, notes and a productivity scale

- 3 day reduced work spread for quick notes on your shorter / non-working days

- Weekly review of productivity and reflection on your progress

Available in black or buttercream.

10% of the profits from our 4 Day Week Planner are donated to Rainforest Trust UK. 

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